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Server Requirements
- Güncel Ioncube sürümü (şuan için v10)
- PHP 7.2
- cURL Kütüphanesi
- Mod_ReWrite
- ZipArchive
- MUltiByte String
- OpenSSL
- GD Kütüphanesi
- Intl extension

General Features;

Public announcement area

Thanks to the announcements area on the home page, you can provide information to your users.

Order tracking

Your users can instantly query the orders they place through the system. Data is automatically reflected in the tracking form when registered or unregistered users place an order.

Ability to inform the customer by mail

When your users place an order, a thank you message is sent instantly. If you mark the order as set out through the Admin panel and select how many minutes it will arrive, the user will receive an informational email.

QR code feature specific to desks

Introduce all tables in your business to the system with dedicated QR code support and get QR outputs when your customers sit at the table and read the QR code, they automatically get the table number and your customers can order.

Waiter and Account Request feature

With dedicated QR code support for tables, your customers can instantly forward waiter or account requests.

Takeaway module

Thanks to the takeaway module, registered or unregistered users can order with the takeaway module.

Come and get service module

Thanks to the Gel al service module, users can come to your restaurant and take their orders.

Advanced dated order feature

With the advanced order feature, users can specify what they want to receive the order within the specified day and time.

Paytr virtual pos module

Thanks to the paytr virtual pos module, users can pay online by credit card.

Payment selection feature

Users can choose payment methods when placing an order. They can take advantage of options such as credit card payment at the door, cash payment at the door, and online payment.

Ability to receive orders according to Restaurant opening – closing times

Restaurant officials can adjust the ability to receive orders by determining the opening and closing times of the restaurant on a weekly basis, as well as by determining the takeaway times. At the same time, you can close order retrieval for emergencies with a single touch.

Turn off the ability to receive orders for emergencies

If you want to stop receiving orders for all possible situations, you can turn off receiving orders with a single tap.

Minimum basket amount according to neighborhood selection

You can avoid damage by adding a minimum basket amount according to the neighborhood selection you want to serve.

City / County / Neighborhood feature

If you want to serve in more than one city or county area, this feature is for you, you can order only from the regions you specify according to the City / County / neighborhood filtering that you can specify.

Registered member and guest member feature

For users, you can easily order with the registered or guest member feature.

Additional options for paid and free

For example, you add a burrito, which usually adds free options. Ketchup, mayonnaise, pepper, but you can also add a paid option if you want.

About us, contact and social media accounts pages

About us, you can make it available to users by adding your contact and social media accounts. You can also hide social media accounts that you don't want to use by putting them in a passive position.

Advanced category system

Thanks to the advanced category system feature, you can define your products in the system as main category > product if you want, main category > subcategory > product.

Advanced product search system

With general product search and custom product search within categories, you can give your users an easy experience.

Seo-compatible link structure

The user interface area has decidedly seo-compliant links.

Multi-language system

The system is TR / ENG compatible so that you can make an easy presentation to your foreign customers. You can use more languages if you want.

Day-night mode

Are you ready to give your users a completely different experience thanks to day – night mode…

Ability to add multiple photos to products

You can add multiple photos to all the products you add.

Allergen module

According to this decision taken by the Ministry of Agriculture and forestry, it is mandatory to specify possible allergens in products on the menus.

Discount coupon module

You can give discount coupons to your users throughout the basket. For example, if you want to get a discount of $ 5 when the basket amount is $ 100, you can create a discount coupon.

Ability to add multiple addresses to customers

Your registered customers can order much more easily by adding multiple addresses.

System Features;

Daily and monthly turnover information

You can record how much turnover your business makes today or monthly.

Voice order notification feature

With the voice notification feature, instant voice notification is received for order, waiter and account requests.

Log recording system

Thanks to the Log recording system, you can see which pages everyone who visits your site has accessed.

Visitor analysis

Thanks to visitor analysis, you can see how many people log into your site on a daily basis.

Day and night mode

Thanks to the day and night mode in the Admin panel, you can easily manage your system.

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