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Founded as an independent company in 1996 and joined Amazon in 1999, Alexa analyzes web traffic and reveals a variety of intuitive products to help sites reach more people. Alexa calculates the popularity of websites by taking into account various parameters, offers a kind of consulting service to sites that want to increase traffic.

What Is Alexa?

Alexa is briefly described as a company that provides web measurement and SEO tools services. Arguing that information is power, the company evaluates websites on the basis of visitor traffic and behavior, develops various tools and offers different suggestions for a better platform.

An add-on called Alexa Tool, added to the existing browser, saves data such as which sites users visit and how much time they spend. The web traffic measurement company, which analyzes sites according to various parameters, ranks them according to the decreasing popularity rating from 1.

Alexa only makes its assessments through the audience, which downloads the plugin and allows its movements to be tracked. Although it is not believed that all internet users provide 100% accurate information because their data is not taken into account, it mostly overlaps their data with site traffic.

Sites registered in the system provide anonymous tracking of visitors ' movements within the site thanks to the Alexa Ranking Certificate added to the websites. The data obtained from the certificate also allows for a healthier assessment of the relevant websites.

Currently, search engines provide services with tools that help advertisers and site owners by analyzing data such as the search that their users do and the site they visit.Dec. Dec. Alexa evaluates the data of different browser and search engine users, as well as obtaining information such as time spent and the page visited Dec.

Although it is not as popular as before, its data becomes one of the sources that assess the success of a site and guide the strategies of site owners. In particular, the fact that it compares competing sites with each other and gives it the opportunity to prove the popularity of sites with certified measurement methods makes it different.

What Is Alexa Ranking?
How often a website is visited by how many people, the average time visitors spend on the site, and how many pages they navigate directly concerns advertisers. It is known that the commercial value of the site is directly related to the organic visitor rate and quality. The Alexa ranking reveals important data on the popularity of websites.

The ranking, also known as Alexa rank, is based on data from the last three months of time. Site performance is evaluated using data such as which source came to the site, page view frequency. The lowest site ranking figure shows the site with the highest and highest quality visitors.

How To Question Alexa Ranking?
A site needs to have a certain amount of traffic to be included in the Alexa ranking. If your site does not have data that can be evaluated, it may not include your site in the ranking. Alexa sorting inquiry, alexa.com it can be done in the free tools Section at. The Website Traffic Statistics tool lets you know about your ranking.

Website Traffic Statistics offers you more than just a ranking learning tool. It allows you to access many different data, from which visitors reach you using keywords to websites that have a common target audience. Your site's web traffic analysis helps you learn about bugs that drive visitors away and ways to get more traffic.

Alexa site ranking query is done by typing the site name on the Website Traffic Statistics page in the search box Dec. Ranking helps you increase site traffic, as well as how to reach your targeted audience more easily. Changing ranking data allows you to closely monitor your site performance.

How To Lower The Alexa Ranking?

Although the Alexa ranking is popularly expressed as an upgrade, the ranking must be decimated for a site to succeed. In order to enter the first ones in the Alexa ranking, it is necessary to increase the traffic of visitors and the time spent by visitors.

User-friendly details and quality content are among the elements that allow more people to visit the site. SEO work, ads given to the right channels and links from platforms that receive high visitors support you to rise to the top of the ranking.

Another way to lower the ranking is by registering sites on the Alexa system. Steps to measure site traffic, such as using plugins such as the Alexa Widget and asking site visitors to download Alexa Tool, contribute to your ranking decline. Every positive comment and rating your site receives through Alexa helps you get to the top.

Clicks that are not based on real users ' visits to lower the Alexa ranking are considered unorthodox by search engines and can decimate the site from the list. Being ignored by search engines can decimate your traffic in the long run.

Increasing the number of organic visitors stands out as the only way to achieve lasting success. Original and high-quality content, a convenient interface, and loyal users who will share content on your site on social media networks and other platforms; it allows you to move slowly but surely.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Alexa?
Alexa, which has been around since the new era of the internet, is one of the first tools to have data about any website. A web traffic analysis company with many paid and free tools offers different solutions for site owners to increase their success.

Alexa-advantages of using
Alexa offers suggestions on what site owners should do to reach more people. It allows them to make various comparisons with competing sites. Search engines offer keyword suggestions to decipher more visitors. On the other hand, it helps advertisers choose the right channel.

Alexa ranking and tools are among the biggest helpers of experts who offer advice to site owners, as well as site owners who want to stand out from their competitors.Dec. Dec. From identifying the right keywords for SEO, data such as backlink performance offers unique opportunities for those who want success in the long run.

Let's move on, “what does Alexa Ranking do?"to the question. A website owner needs to think like an advertiser or a company that puts out any product or service. The goal is to reach more people. Reaching the audiences it targets allows them to achieve success.

Getting your content to your target audience helps you have loyal visitors who actively spend time on your site. Increasing your traffic organically allows your site to gain even more commercial value. Your advertising revenue increases in line with your visitor density and quality.

For an ad to be successful, it needs to meet the target audience. For this reason, advertisers pay great attention to the organic rate of visitors that the site has, whether it is actively using the site and whether it is among the audience decisively targeted by visitors. Sites that rank high in the Alexa ranking allow advertisers to reach a wider audience.

If the success of a television show is measured by the ratings it receives, the site's ranking process also allows you to have an idea of its performance. Whether the efforts to attract visitors to the site are successful or not is also revealed by the change in the ranking.

Alexa Ranking Top 10 List

Alexa Internet allows you to learn two separate rankings of a site, country and worldwide. The world ranking is directly affected by the use of countries with high population density, such as China. Advertisers or site owners often prefer to focus on rankings for countries, as they usually work for their target audience.

The following are the sites in the top ten of the world rankings.

Google.com (Search Engine site)Dec.
Youtube.com (video sharing site)
Baidu.com (decommissioned search engine site)
Qq.com (Chinese instant messaging service and web portal)
Facebook.com (social media site)
Sohu.com (decommissioned search engine site)
Taobao.com (China-based shopping site)
360.cn (Chinese page of an antivirus site)
Amazon.com (America-based shopping site)
Yahoo.com (web portal)
In the list prepared for Turkey, several sites that stand out in the world list find a place for it. In the top ten, many sites based in Turkey also manage to take part.

Below are the sites in the top ten of the Alexa Turkey ranking:

Google.com (Search Engine site)Dec.
Youtube.com (video sharing site)
Google.com.tr (search engine site's Turkey page)Dec.
Sahibinden.com (ad portal)
Facebook.com (social media platform)
Hürriyet.com (news site)
Trendyol.com (shopping site)
Ensonhaber.com (news site)
Live.com (email service)
Netflix.com (media services provider)