Move a cPanel user to DirectAdmin

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Steps on the CPanel server:

(1) back up the user to / home / user_backups file, replace “username” with the actual user name:

/ scripts/pkgacct username / home / user_backups;

(2) transfer all / home / user_backups / directories to DirectAdmin server:

rsync-avt / home / user_backups/ root@your_directadmin_server.com:/home/user_backups/

Okay, now we need to connect to the DirectAdmin server.

Steps on the DirectAdmin server:

(1) Install the Migration Tool (only need to be done once)

mkdir - p / root/cpanel_to_da

wget-O cpanel_to_da.sh http://www.custombuild.eu/cpanel/cpanel_to_da.sh

chmod +x cpanel_to_da.sh

wget-O cpanel_da_roundcube.php http://www.custombuild.eu/cpanel/cpanel_da_roundcube.php.txt

wget-O php_sql_parser.tar.gz http://www.custombuild.eu/cpanel/php_sql_parser.tar.gz

tar xzf php_sql_parser.tar.gz

rm-f php_sql_parser.tar.gz

(2) convert the backup and move it to / home / admin / converted_user_backup, cpmove-username.tar.replace the user name part in gz with the actual user name:

mkdir - p / home / admin / converted_user_backup

./cpanel_to_da.sh / home/user_backups / cpmove-username.tar.gz/home/admin / converted_user_backup

chown-R admin. /home/admin / converted_user_backup

(3) also restore in the “administrator Backup / Transfer” Section at the administrator level (remember to set the path to / home / admin / converted_user_backup, otherwise you will not see the backup).

See the official DirectAdmin topic at the URL below:


If you encounter any problems, you can ask your question on their official forum.