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If you say you want to set up an e-commerce site in Kırklareli and sell online, you can find all the topics from a to Z in this article. You can find many topics below in sections, such as the documents needed to create an e-commerce site that you may need, the necessary documents, the prices and costs of creating an e-commerce site.

In a nutshell, we tried to write in detail in this guide all what you are interested in creating an e-commerce site, from the selection of e-commerce software to the features that should be present in the system.

Turkey's e-commerce ecosystem continues to grow with each passing day, and many entrepreneurs who want to move their business to the internet or want to start their own business want to create their own e-commerce site and sell from the internet. Creating an E-commerce site has become an easier process today.

Although it is now easier to set up an e-commerce site and own an online store, selling over the internet also has different dynamics compared to physical stores and traditional sales channels.

He wants to create his own e-commerce site, but if you don't have much information about this topic, we share with you all the information you need to know about creating an e-commerce site in our guide.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce, since the mid-1990s, is a shopping method that allows you to sell products or services along with various payment methods through websites over the internet.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce, since the mid-1990s, is a shopping method that allows you to sell products or services along with various payment methods through websites over the internet.

Thanks to E-commerce, the shopping process that takes place in a physical environment can also occur over the internet. In this way, companies can sell their products by reaching consumers in Turkey or anywhere in the world through an e-commerce site, not just depending on a specific location.

What are the differences between online store and physical store?

Online stores have a different structure compared to physical stores. Users see the products from the website and get information about the products through the photos and product descriptions here. When a consumer decides to buy a product, they buy the product through an e-commerce site, and then the company sends the ordered product or products to the consumer by cargo. In this process, consumers perform payment transactions via the internet by methods such as credit card, wire transfer or payment at the door.

In physical stores, consumers communicate directly with a salesperson; they have the opportunity to try and see the products up close. But this is not the case in e-commerce. But the development of technology and changing consumer buying habits, facilitating return and cargo processes play an important role in the growth of e-commerce volume, with consumers placing more orders over the internet.

What are the advantages of e-commerce?

There are many advantages to selling online. We can list these advantages as follows:

Ability to sell 24/7

You can sell online without being dependent on working hours and vacation days

Ability to build your business on low budgets

You can sell without depending on a specific location.

You can sell your products to a wide audience with Internet access and internet shopping.

You can sell as many products as you want by listing them on your site.

By announcing your e-commerce site to a wide audience with digital marketing efforts, you can reach more people.

By contacting people who visit your site again later, you can make them shop from your site again.

The process is faster. With E-commerce packages, you can start quickly and publish in a short time. Store rental, decoration, arrangement, etc. there are no such time-consuming processes.

Create an E-commerce site and company

In order to be able to sell over the Internet, you have to set up a company. Especially in order for you to receive credit card payments, you need to make agreements with banks, and at this point you also need to make these agreements as a company.

Is it necessary to set up a company to set up an e-commerce site?

In order to be able to sell over the Internet, you have to set up a company. Especially in order for you to receive credit card payments, you need to make agreements with banks, and at this point you also need to make these agreements as a company. In addition, in accordance with the tax system and practices of the Republic of Turkey, the tax obligations of individuals and institutions selling over the internet are born. For these reasons, you also need to have a company to be able to sell over the internet.

What are the necessary documents to open an E-commerce site?

You can set up a person or limited liability company to open an E-commerce site. Different documents are needed for these two company models. Below you can find the documents required for these two types of companies and the costs of setting up a company.

How to create a private company? What are the required documents?

What is a private company? Companies that you can create as individuals are called individual companies. Companies that are smaller than Joint Stock Companies or limited liability companies are called private companies. According to the Joint Stock Company and Limited liability company establishment processes, you can be set up both easier and faster and you can be a taxpayer.

Documents required to establish a private company

ID copy,

(Illustrated) residence,

Circular of signature from notary public

A power of attorney that you will give to your accountant or financial adviser (if you are going to do these operations yourself, you will not need this power of attorney.)

If the workplace/office that will be opened is a lease, the lease agreement; if you are the owner of the property, a photocopy of the title deed

Costs of creating a private company

The fees you pay for prepared documents, signature circulars, power of attorney and accountant and financial advisor may vary. But the costs of setting up a private company can vary from $ 600 to $ 900.

You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of individual companies from this article.

How to establish a Limited liability company? What are the required documents?

What is Limited (LTD) company? A Limited liability company is a type of company established by a natural or legal person/s with whom you can perform economic activities. This type of company can have more than one partnership, and the company structure can be increased to 50 people.

Documents and costs necessary to establish a Limited liability company

The costs of establishing a Limited liability company may vary depending on the number of partners, directors, the amount of rent, the sector and the city in which you are located. Fees here are presented as a standard value.

Single partner

Sole manager

Capital £ 10,000

Rent £ 2,000

Notary costs

Declaration of signature for the manager, 1 piece 35 TL

Establishment power of Attorney, 1 unit 80 TL

ID card sample (3 for each partner) 30 TL

Main contract approval, 1 unit 150 TL

Signature circular (1 for each manager) 90 TL

Trade book approval (50 pages) 150 TL

After the establishment of the company, the power of attorney of the financial advisor is 120 TL

Total £ 655

Tax office expenses

Rent stamp duty (guarantor) 2000x12 = 24.000 x1, 89 / 1000 = 45.36 TL

Rent stamp duty (without guarantor) 2000x12 = 24.000 x11, 37 / 1000 = 272.88 TL

Stamp duty must be paid for each copy.

Chamber Of Commerce

Register, £ 1,000

Activity certificate, 10 TL

Total: £ 1010


Competition Board payment: 10.000 x 4 / 10.000 = 4 TL

1/4 of the capital is blocked in the bank. 10,000 / 4 = 2,500 TL. (This fee may be withdrawn after company set-up)

Public accountant

Company establishment fee, 750 TL


Company stamp, 2 pieces: 30 TL

Invoice and waybill 1 volume, 50 TL

Total: £ 80

Total cost: 2544.36 TL (*rent stamp duty calculated on “guarantor” )

You can read this article to get detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of creating a Limited liability company.

Other documents required

In addition to the documents containing your company information, you must also be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Chamber of Commerce registration fees may vary depending on the city you are in.

In addition, you must have an SSL certificate on your website to receive virtual Poss from banks. You can take advantage of different SSL certificate options depending on the scope and size of your business.

What is ETBIS, why should you become a member?

ETBIS, created to protect consumers in Internet purchases and register e-commerce transactions, began to be implemented from December 1, 2017. Registration of e-commerce companies in Etbis, which stands for Electronic Commerce Information System and notification obligations, has become mandatory in accordance with the communique issued on December 1, 2017.

The aim of this platform is to keep the e-commerce ecosystem of Turkey under record so that consumers can shop safely over the internet.

When you have special software or a web site with open source code; scope of work you do, how long it will take to work, which will be prepared the features within the software, interface, and service fee along with the agency or freelancer, SSL certificates, hosting and domain name fees to consider. E-commerce site prices are determined in accordance with all these transactions and the information you will provide to the service provider company. But as we discussed above, your website costs are constantly increasing, including service costs and extra fees.

Although open source code is cheaper compared to company-specific software, you still need to pay extra for these add-ons if you want extra features. Of course, this also raises e-commerce site prices.

When you choose an e-commerce infrastructure package, your costs are severely reduced because you receive a bulk service according to the scope of the package you choose. Many services, which are paid extra in special software, are offered to users in these e-commerce infrastructure packages in the package.

How to set up an e-commerce site?

To set up an e-commerce site / open an e-commerce site, you need to start by choosing how to use the infrastructure. You can start designing your site before you complete the company creation process, but since you can't do virtual POS and billing operations before your company opens, you need to open your company before you start sales and open your site.