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1. A site showing the former and current state of the places:
Dear Photograph
For those who like to look at Long photos and remember the past, this site is perfect! On the site, the old and modern states of the places you are interested in are shared in one frame. In addition, those who add photos start with “Dear Photograph” and write various notes under them. In addition, it is possible to upload your own photo to this site.

2. For those who want to look closer to the stars and the universe:
Stars Chrome Experiments
On this site, you can see the fascinating beauty of the stars more closely. Thanks to the moving images on the site, you feel like you've gone into space, especially if you're in a dark environment. On the other hand, with this site, you can also find short and clear information about the universe.

3 - for Snake game enthusiasts who have marked an era:
Play Snake
Nokia 3310 model has entered our lives with mobile phones snake (snake) game... unfortunately, there is no such game in our lives anymore, but if you want to experience nostalgia, you can stop by the play Snake site.

4. For those who want to see sharks carrying a tracking device on them:
Ocearch is essentially a data-centric organization created to help scientists collect data previously inaccessible in the ocean. On the site of this organization, you can see sharks and their numbers on the world map with a tracking device attached to them.

5. For those who want to see the changes our planet has experienced over the years:
Google Earth Engine Timelapse
With satellite images on this site, it is possible to see how the Earth changed from 1984 to 2018. It hurts, especially when you see melting glaciers.

6. For those who want to be alone with the sound of nature:
A Soft Murmur
Many people who want to get away from stress, forget about their troubles want to leave themselves in the arms of nature. But this may not always be possible, especially for those living in the city. However, thanks to the website called a Soft Murmur, You can hear the sound of rain, waves, fire, wind, birds, crickets. In addition, you can listen to different sounds, such as the sound of a TV, a sound dish, the sounds of people in a cafe, from this site.

You can also mix the sounds you choose on this site, share them on social media, or set a timer for them to play within a certain period of time.

7. For those who want to listen to songs that have been hits in different countries in different years:
On the world map, you can select a country and year that you are curious about and see which song is a hit. You also have the opportunity to listen to the song through the site. In addition, you can list the songs you will encounter by different categories, such as dancing, pleasure-rest.

8. Showing photography enthusiasts the world's highest resolution photo site:
The photo on the site has a resolution of 365 gigapixels. Even zoom in as much as you want, you can still see the details clearly. What more!

9. For those who want to show off to others as if they know how to write code:
Hacker Type
You can use this site to scare people around you for a joke, as well as to show off.???? All you have to do is write something indiscriminately on the keyboard. As you type, images will appear on the site as if you are really writing code.

10. To travel anywhere in the world:
This site was made using data from Google Earth. By clicking on the “Go” button on the site, you can go to any randomly selected place in the world. In addition, from the “options” section, you can choose a country that you are interested in and take the opportunity to travel there. Can you navigate the city you are going to by controlling the arrows on the screen that appear in front of you without saying mask, social distance????

11. For those who want to get brief and concise information about different places in the world:
Google Earth
Thanks to Google Earth, you can do many things, but one of the most fun and instructive is the roll of the dice feature. Every time you click on the” I feel lucky " option, you can go to a different place and see photos of it, and get information about it. A nice option to make free time efficient…

12. For those who are wondering what is playing on the radios of different countries of the world right now:
Radio Garden
For those who want to explore the world and learn about different cultures, Radio Garden is a huge option! Thanks to the Site, you can listen to the radio broadcast at your current time by selecting anywhere in the world. Thanks to this opportunity offered by the site, you can feel like you are in this country, even for a moment.