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Brief Summary of the Digital 2021 Report:

The number of internet users in the world is 59.5% of the world's population. 
So 4.66 billion. All over the world, people spend 6 hours and 54 minutes on the internet daily. ...
There are 4.2 billion active social media users in the world. Commercial Contribution of the Website Having a website is less costly than promoting with a catalog or brochure.
In addition, it does not incur reprint costs for the information you want to change and the new products you will add.
You can easily update your website yourself, especially thanks to an easy and convenient administration panel.
As you will have produced an economical and practical solution, you will also benefit from the protection
of our trees to some extent. In addition, the website, which has a visual design and was prepared by an experienced web design team,
is the first in price / performance compared to other advertising and promotion tools in terms of the potential to gain customers. Websites are a promotional platform. Here, you can promote your business, your product as much as you want, and interfere with advertising and
promotion services as you wish. Thus, you can share with internet users who you are and what business
you are dealing with in the most accurate way. The importance of having a website The easiest and most economical way to introduce yourself and your company to large audiences
by providing permanent success is to own a website. From the point of view of a company, in today's
age you absolutely need a technology that you can share information about your company, display
product and service groups, and use it as an effective communication way. Moreover, if we consider
that this information may change throughout your business life or that you may offer new products
and services, a website that has the opportunity to update will be the right choice.